Facilities Maintenance Planning

Nine Reasons Your Facilities Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Effort Isn’t Giving You the Benefits You Expect When we do an assessment of a client's maintenance department, we always start with the planner. If planning is humming along nicely, … [Read more...]

Value Stream Mapping

Lessons from the Front How can we make creating a value stream map less burdensome and more relevant? by Tom Voss, Senior Consultant, Daniel Penn Associates We’ve seen many value stream maps (VSM) over the past 20 years, as it has become a … [Read more...]

Key Steps to Workflow Improvement in Maintenance

Regardless of what your company manufactures, two things are essential to product quality and customer satisfaction. First, how you manage, maintain and measure employees’ work. And second, how you manage your equipment’s performance. The road to … [Read more...]

Lean’s Two Key Ingredients

Whether your organization is a publicly traded or privately owned company, a government agency or a not-for-profit charity, the rising cost of doing business is challenging us all to find ways to work more efficiently. To examine, plan and correct … [Read more...]

How do you define World Class Maintenance?

You’d probably agree that striving for World Class Maintenance status (WCM) is a good thing. It may even be in your mission statement. … [Read more...]

PRIME at 20: How it’s Helping Connecticut Manufacturers

In 1994, Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) launched a new program called PRIME (Process Reengineering for Increased Manufacturing Efficiency). … [Read more...]

What’s Your Maintenance Strategy?

Maintenance strategy doesn’t enter our non-technical brains unless it directly affects our productivity and well-being. You change the oil in your car’s engine (that’s preventive maintenance) to keep it running so the engine doesn’t seize and you’re … [Read more...]

Complying with new CMS Preventive Maintenance Regulations

By Steve Mueller, Director of Operations Why Reliability Risk Assessments Are Essential It’s a no-brainer that hospitals’ critical medical equipment be regularly evaluated and maintained. But medical equipment is just one of many elements in any … [Read more...]

Mixed Model Line Design

What is it? And Who Needs It? Daniel Penn Associates President Tony Rodriguez chats with Richard Rahn, Principal with Leonardo Group Americas, on the topic of Mixed Model Line Design and an upcoming DPA-sponsored workshop on this topic. Let’s … [Read more...]

How much is ineffective maintenance costing hospitals?

Every dollar a hospital’s maintenance organization spends on unnecessary labor, equipment or processes erodes their service, reputation and bottom line. Here’s one example of how things can unravel. A major hospital’s facilities maintenance group … [Read more...]