The Story of Metrics to Drive Improvement

By Nancy Kay, senior consultant, Daniel Penn Associates Do you every wonder why your company or organization generates stacks of monthly reports with all the numbers you can dream of — and yet, nothing seems to change? The reason is that … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Consultant

By Steve Mueller, Director of Operations, Daniel Penn Associates Your company has hired a consultant, you’ve held your kick-off meetings to introduce him or her to your staff and the project is officially underway. Now what do you do? Sounds … [Read more...]

Know-It-Alls or Insightful Project Partners?

Management Consultants: Know-It-Alls or Insightful Project Partners? By Tony Rodriguez, Tom Voss and Nancy Kay Last month, Bloomberg View columnist Michael Kinsley wrote a provocative analysis that asked whether Mitt Romney’s CEO smarts would … [Read more...]