How We Work

Transformation and continuous improvement require a sustained commitment from leadership and buy-in across the organization. By engaging those directly involved in creating solutions, Daniel Penn Associates works within your organization’s culture to help employees embrace change.

DPA follows these principals to promote collaboration, yield solutions that balance efficiency needs, improve enterprise planning, flow production, sales and customer relationship management.

Develop an understanding of client culture and improvement objectives.

Identify the practical barriers to change and develop ideas for how to overcome them.

Support recommendations with detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Seek continuous participation while respecting diverse points of view to gain support and consensus from key stakeholders.

Develop action plans that clearly articulate timing, responsibilities, resource requirements, transition planning, and change management considerations that permit early, progressive and sustainable benefits.

Facilitate implementation with hands-on technical and project management support.

LeanWise: The Path To Sustainable Lean Transformation

Lean tools and processes such as 5S, root cause analysis, value stream mapping, continuous flow, Just-In-Time, SMED and Kanban deliver positive, often dramatic results, but sustaining these results is often difficult. DPA’s structured LeanWise process can help you more effectively lead and sustain your organization’s Lean transformation.

LeanWise educates everyone in your organization about Lean processes and systems so each individual becomes engaged in and takes ownership of the transformation. We help you create a unique “ideal” state for your business or organization that builds on your strengths and addresses your weaknesses.

 LeanWise Process

Assess – a cultural and enterprise-wide assessment to define the As-Is state and identify needs and strategies for change in operating practices/processes, systems, delivery performance, cost, and change management. Also, to develop strategies and prepare action plans, resources and timelines.

Solve – Based on the Assessment:

  • Lead the design and tactical approach for your Lean transformation
  • Provide Lean knowledge and skills transfer to your people
  • Provide Lean tools

Change – Holistic and hands-on, goal oriented, never ending.  Implementing and sustaining the necessary changes with Lean tools and training.

Measure – How well are we doing?  Develop metrics for customer satisfaction and account for Lean benefits.

Sustain – Management understanding and commitment. Audits. Keeping an eye on the goal. Creating a continuous improvement culture.