DPA’s Maintenance Best Practice Program

Maintenance Improvement & Asset Management

DPA’s Maintenance Best Practice ProgramIs your organization comprehensively assessing equipment maintenance requirements, utilization, safety monitoring and incident tracking programs?

Daniel Penn’s Maintenance Best Practice Program can help you take a more proactive approach to equipment and systems reliability. We work with you to determine the ideal preventive maintenance plan for each area in your unique environment, then instill the disciplines, processes and systems to significantly lower downtime, improve reliability, and reduce operating costs.

Our program brings together tested principals of Lean, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance, 5S, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and other proven maintenance methods.

Maintenance Best Practice Program Elements

Continuous Improvement, 5S, TPM and Lean Methods Maintenance Procedures
Equipment Database & History Maintenance Planning and Schedule
Maintenance Organization Size & Capabilities Work Control and Execution
CMMS Utilization Personnel Skills and Training
Management Commitment and Compliance Shop Stores Inventory Control
Performance Metrics Risk Analysis, RCM


  • Case Study: Reliability Centered Maintenance for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Case Study: Facilities Maintenance Re-engineering for a Multi-campus Hospital System
  • Case Study: Manufacturing: Preventive and Predictive Maintenance for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Case Study: Workflow and Machine Improvements Increase Projected Revenues for Casting and Splicing Operation