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Standardize Manufacturing Flow and Reduce Lead Times

Daniel Penn Associates helped a contract manufacturer of medical device, commercial and bearing components standardize manufacturing flow and reduce lead times by 12-20%. Situation Several parts and assemblies produced by this manufacturer … [Read more...]

Health Care

Daniel Penn Associates delivers sustainable change to hospitals. We help managers, clinicians and employees take ownership of their Lean transformation, giving them the knowledge and power to improve the hospital’s systems, performance and patient … [Read more...]

Published Articles

We regularly share our insights and experiences with respected trade magazines. Here’s a sampling of our team’s recently-published articles. 2018 Thorne, Jon. (2018, July 20). Getting organizational change management right the first … [Read more...]

Lean Project Lessons

Chocolate Elephants and Lean Project Lessons From a major university’s warehouse logistics initiative, to Kaizen events with several manufacturers, to a major metropolitan hospital’s facilities and maintenance division, in 2014 the Daniel Penn … [Read more...]

The DPA Team

Our consultants take a hands-on, in-the-trenches approach to drive your lean process improvement and continuous improvement efforts. Trained in lean concepts and with decades of experience in process improvement, engineering, maintenance management, … [Read more...]

DPA Helps a Public Housing Authority Sustain the Benefits of Recent Renovations

Increasing Energy Efficiency and Resident Comfort Client A major urban area housing authority made local headlines when it renovated a 177-unit facility. The authority installed solar water heating, co-generation and a host of other ‘green’ … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Lean Factory That Works

Lean manufacturers have a leg up on speeding products to market, reducing costs and keeping customers happy. In this overview, I’ll share how to engineer, set up and manage the project for a lean factory that works for your specific … [Read more...]

Lean in Healthcare

Why is adopting a lean improvement mindset critical to healthcare organizations? Lean is not about cutting costs. It IS about eliminating wasteful activities that cost money, generate patient flow problems, create dissatisfied patients and damage an … [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Making Process Improvements that Stick

What’s holding your maintenance organization back from making process improvements? … [Read more...]

Distance + Prioritization + Pick Venue = Location

Optimizing the Pick Area for Shipping Operations Shipping and distribution are essential to any company's profitability. Efficiencies gained in these areas can reduce costs, speed products to market and increase customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]