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Analytics in Healthcare

It’s Time to Ramp up Analytics in Healthcare The transition from fee-for-service to outcome-based reimbursement models requires a major shift in how hospitals collect, maintain, analyze and use data. But how many healthcare organizations are … [Read more...]

Baseball and Operational Excellence

“Baseball is a simple game. You throw the ball. You catch the ball. You field the ball.” – Durham Bulls coach Larry Hockett, from the movie Bull Durham As we congratulate the San Francisco Giants on their well-earned World Series title and look back … [Read more...]

Know-It-Alls or Insightful Project Partners?

Management Consultants: Know-It-Alls or Insightful Project Partners? By Tony Rodriguez, Tom Voss and Nancy Kay Last month, Bloomberg View columnist Michael Kinsley wrote a provocative analysis that asked whether Mitt Romney’s CEO smarts would … [Read more...]


As a company that supports banks in the development of strategies to reach out to the growing Hispanic/Latino market, we are not at all surprised at these findings. Our research has shown that a very high percentage of the “unbanked” are Hispanic and … [Read more...]