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Mixed Model Line Design

Mixed Model Line Design for the Lean Factory Intensive workshop at Toyota August 6-8 The future of manufacturing belongs to mixed-model production, but few Lean practitioners are competent in mixed-model line design. Take the leap beyond 5S, … [Read more...]

A Lean Roadmap for Hospitals

The Time Has Never Been Better By Tony Rodriguez, President, Daniel Penn Associates, LLC Lean manufacturing, aka the Toyota Production System, has enabled U.S. manufacturers to compete in the global marketplace. The Lean approach to improvement … [Read more...]

Health Care Needs an Escape Fire

The Broken State of Our Nation’s Health Care System By Tony Rodriguez, President, Daniel Penn Associates, LLC I attended the screening of Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, a sobering documentary about the broken state of our … [Read more...]

Nine Tips for Strategic Supplier Survival

Strategic Sourcing By Richard J. Hernandez, CPCM, Senior Consultant, Daniel Penn Associates In a world where there are many more suppliers than buyers, strategic sourcing is the ‘new normal’ for organizations who want to streamline how they buy … [Read more...]