Client Testimonials

What can we do for your organization? Daniel Penn Associates clients provide these testimonials.

“Belimo has utilized the consulting services of Daniel Penn over the past three years. They have worked with us on multiple Lean Kaizen events and Six Sigma Green Belt certifications resulting in productivity improvements of 15%-20% with little to no capital investment. The individuals leading these events were very knowledgeable, engaging and accommodating. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Daniel Penn.”

John Forlenzo, VP of Logistics/Customization

“Since holding the Kaizen event with Daniel Penn Associates, our business is seeing immediate results. We have reduced our backlog to manageable levels and have improved flow through the cell. The manpower cost to repair units has decreased. Quality of work is up and proven by a first pass yield at testing. This event has supported our strong position of competitiveness and is helping us keep this work in Connecticut.”

Kathy Daudish, VP of Engineering and Operations

“PEP Lacey has had great success in utilizing the highly talented and capable instructors/leaders that Daniel Penn offers. Each event we have utilized Daniel Penn to facilitate has resulted not only in a very real and measurable improvement in quality and cost, but also a fertile educational experience for those who work closely on the team. The environment created by Daniel Penn during these team events is filled with positive reinforcement that fully engages every team member.”

Kenneth Lisk, President, PEP Lacey Manufacturing

“To conduct an effective Kaizen event, you need a good facilitator, the right internal team and the right support from management. I was really impressed with how Tony and the DPA crew approached our project. They had no preconceived notions and didn’t tell me what to do. They DID have ideas on which efforts would have the biggest impact for our operation.”

“In both the Kaizen events DPA supported at Nutmeg Container, their consultants came up with a process that really engaged people and that have germinated lean thinking with our employees. DPA also accommodated our facility’s hectic work schedule.”

“DPA’s team excels in teaching about Lean. They create camaraderie and give you tools to stay on track once the Lean event is done.”

James Pious Executive Vice President, Operations,
Unicorr Packaging Group – Nutmeg Container

“Bicron is geographically located away from the larger manufacturing centers in our state. We are frequently benchmarking with outside sources of excellence that help to keep us current on the latest production technologies and techniques. We customarily achieve this by traveling in small groups to other locations. Daniel Penn Associates came to us, which helped us reach a larger audience of Bicron associates right here in our facility. Their facilitator was well received by our entire team and he brought in fresh ideas. This helped our employees develop new ways of doing things. The end result? He helped us re-work an important process while minimizing production downtime. The feedback we received on his work and the results achieved have been nothing but positive. If you are looking to make long lasting permanent gains, this is a vehicle to consider.”

John Boucher, Director of Continuous Improvement & Prototype Development
Bicron® Electronics Company

“What impressed us about Daniel Penn is their model for process mapping and gap analysis. They use a hands-on approach that leverages the knowledge of the organization and ensures the validity of the results. It was clear that they understood what we needed and could provide a roadmap to success.”

Operations Director
Electric and Natural Gas Utility Company

“I recommend DPA’s team to anyone who has operations problems and wants them fixed right the first time. Their style of on-site and hands-on consulting is a very effective way to get operations back on track.”

Vice President, Operations
Manufacturing Company

“I’ve used Daniel Penn Associates since 1988…They are street wise and not afraid to get their hands dirty…What differentiates Daniel Penn is that they stay around to help implement their recommendations.”

Utility Company

“The work you have done for our company has made a huge difference to the site’s variance this year. All factories had another month of favorable M & I spending again…and there is no getting around the fact that the M & I improvement initiative has resulted in some significant dollar savings. Even the summer shutdown, which normally blows our budget out of the water, appears to be totally under control and not too far out of line with normal months.”

Vice President Manufacturing
Large Pharmaceutical Company

“It was a pleasure working with you this year. Since DPA began with our operations department there has been tremendous improvement. Having detailed information about each of our job functions has really helped us monitor workflow and staff appropriately, allowing us to reduce and practically eliminate our backlog.

“The DPA consultant quickly won employees’ confidence and became a trusted consultant. Employees were actually excited about many of the time-saving process improvements that he suggested, such as user-friendly productivity input sheets and management reports that are now shared with the department supervisors and senior staff.

“Working with Daniel Penn Associates…was a pleasurable experience that I would not hesitate to recommend to others. Thank you for your valuable assistance.”

Assistant Vice President, Operations Department
Major Regional Bank

“When we were told our processor was converting to a new platform and all our systems would be changing within nine months, I knew we needed help in the Deposit Operations and Electronic Services area. We had relatively new supervisors, processing errors, and were not meeting deadlines. We needed help to increase the supervisors’ capabilities, streamline the workflow and determine present and future staffing levels. I immediately called Tony Rodriguez. Several years ago, Daniel Penn Associates came in and worked very closely with the staff. As a result productivity and effectiveness were improved; backlog was decreased; problem resolution was improved; tools were developed to determine staffing needs; and, managerial capabilities were improved. We can see a constant increase in the confidence level of the output from the operations area.”

Senior Vice President
Major Regional Bank

“We contracted Daniel Penn Associates to review and recommend process improvements to our Underground Damage Prevention program. DPA’s associates worked as a team with our employees, providing expertise in the areas of process mapping and problem identification techniques. As a result, we were able to identify significant progress in the area of damage prevention as well as additional opportunities for improvement. This was our third opportunity to work with Daniel Penn Associates. We value the services they provide and would recommend them to others.”

Vice President Operations, Power Delivery
National Electric Utility and Natural Gas Distributor

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