Bank Staffing

Common Sense Staffing for Branch Banks

Why pay an arm and a leg for complicated staffing software just to find out how many employees you should have on a Tuesday? Your branch managers will happily offer staffing advice, but objective analysis should validate their opinions.

The Situation Today

Bank staffing - why visit your bank’s branches?Branch employees are critical to customer satisfaction and your bank’s success. And while technology and customer preferences have led to changes in branch configuration and service channels, the basic challenge remains: how to have the right people at the right time to meet customer demand.

To meet this challenge, branches must understand their mix of activities and when each activity must be performed. With this information, branches can prepare staffing for the expected volume of work and serve their customers properly.

That’s where Daniel Penn Associates (DPA) comes in.

We help banks meet their staffing challenge by developing custom staffing requirements models. DPA will perform an analysis of branch workflow, activity volume profiles, and what it takes to get the work done. We work with the bank and its branches to develop staffing models that meet your needs and work management methodology.

Our process includes:

  • Defining routine workload for each function in the branch (teller, platform, Universal Banker, concierge)
  • Developing a forecasting process for routine staff activities and Key Volume Indicators
  • Developing reasonable work standards for routine activities to convert volumes into hours of work
  • Calculating the workload demand by hour (or half-hour, as needed) to provide a daily scheduling target;
  • Highlighting under/over-capacity variances between workload demand and scheduled staff resources
  • Developing strategies to minimize customer wait time and maximize productivity
  • Establishing Plan vs. Actual and Key Performance Indicator metrics
  • Developing a Lobby Wait Time Matrix to give a quick read of customer wait time compared to a target service level
  • Optional service: Assess branch hours of operation to see if a change would be beneficial (if requested)

We work closely with each branch management team to promote ownership of the process, recommendations and outcomes, increasing the value delivered to your bank.

Customized Solutions for Your Bank

After conducting an assessment, DPA will recommend customized solutions to meet your bank’s specific efficiency requirements, from the branch to back room operations.

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