Applying soccer discipline to your company’s lean daily management

By Tony Rodriguez and Mike Beauregard, Daniel Penn Associates In a world of rapidly changing customer demands, your organization’s lean daily management activities and the game of soccer have much in common. That’s according to those with … [Read more...]

The Kaizen Multiplier Effect: Team-Led Improvement Ideas Boost Safety, Efficiency, and Uptime for Precision Molding Operation

Company A global precision manufacturer of specialty pumps for personal care products. Objective Conduct a process mapping to find ways to improve cell layout, machine staffing, safety and productivity for two subassembly machines at one of the … [Read more...]

Dreading the Next FDA inspection?

Examine These Six Factors in Your Pharmaceutical Facility’s Process Definition and Controls by Charles Spillman, Senior Consultant Click here to read how one pharma facility’s assessment and FDA compliance efforts succeeded. The Food and … [Read more...]

Baseball and Operational Excellence

“Baseball is a simple game. You throw the ball. You catch the ball. You field the ball.” – Durham Bulls coach Larry Hockett, from the movie Bull Durham With Spring and the start of baseball season, we never expected that one of our clients would … [Read more...]

Boosting Productivity of Automatic Assembly Machines

Reducing Changeover Time Client:  A designer and manufacturer of consumer packaging. Goal:  Reduce changeover time of automated machines to increase capacity and reduce lead time from order placement to order fulfillment. Requirements: A … [Read more...]

Improving Value Stream Productivity for a Hardware Manufacturer

A leading designer and manufacturer of hardware for industrial and consumer markets faced increased demand for a key component it produces for its aerospace and automotive customers. Long lead times were compromising their ability to deliver and … [Read more...]

Daniel Penn Associates Awarded OSHA Safety Training Contract With The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Tony Rodriguez, President and CEO, Daniel Penn Associates (860)232-8577; Hartford, Conn., January 15, 2019 — Daniel Penn Associates, LLC (DPA) has been awarded a contract to provide safety training to … [Read more...]

Banking’s Tech v. Touch Challenge (and what to do about it)

by Peter Harlamon Not a day goes by without someone predicting that in less than a decade technology in the form of automation, bots, and AI will replace 50 percent of all banking jobs. And when we consider that the World Bank estimates … [Read more...]

An Operational Nod to Anthony Bourdain

By Tony Rodriguez, President, Daniel Penn Associates Sometimes operational lessons get reinforced by unexpected players. This one begins with a story surrounding the late great Anthony Bourdain. Last week I watched a special tribute to … [Read more...]

DPA Helps Sealing Products Producer Reduce Lead Manufacturing Lead Time By 64.8%

A manufacturer of silicone and polyurethane sealing products forecast a 40%+ increase in demand from one of their largest aerospace customers. In its supplier health assessment, that customer recommended the company comprehensively apply sound Value … [Read more...]