Your COVID-19 Operational Plan Is More Critical Than Ever

Your COVID-19 Operational Plan Is More Critical Than Ever

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Even with promising vaccines expected to be available next year for the most vulnerable, COVID-19 will continue to pose an ongoing threat to our country’s economy well into 2022. Our recovery and growth will depend on our collective efforts to curb its spread.

Your organization’s focus on continued vigilance and rapid response is critical right now!


 Business continuity – You have likely already seen the disruptions that regional surges or local outbreaks of the virus have had on our ability to manage supply chains, deliver goods and services, or educate students. 

Risk management – When you manage operations to protect your people, you avoid lost labor,  lost production, and lost services. By remaining in compliance with OSHA, CDC, and local health requirements, you avoid outlaying unnecessary resources to correct issues and preserve the trust of employees, customers, and communities.

Are your mitigation and safety plans effective at preventing and slowing the spread of the virus? Is your organization asking these questions?

  • Are we able to quickly adapt practices to meet changes in national, state, and local guidelines?
  • Who are the critical people that must remain on-site? Are our current measures protecting them?
  • How are we encouraging safe practices for remote workers, students, customers, and suppliers?
  • Have we considered how pedestrian traffic will flow into, out of, and within our facility?
  • Where are the high-touch areas or interaction places between employees? Between employees and customers? Employees and vendors?
  • Have we reimagined our processes to account for distance and ‘stop the spread’ practices?
  • How will we manage crises?
  • Do we have a comprehensive communication plan?
  • How are we helping our people remain compliant over time?

Answers to ALL of these questions are VITAL for ensuring safe and effective operations. Now consider these questions… 

  • Do you have the right resources to implement your COVID-19 strategy?
  • Does your leadership team struggle with daily issues related to the pandemic?
  • Are you asking your people to take on roles they’re not prepared for?
  • Are you ‘putting out fires’ with resource-draining activities that would otherwise focus on medium-and longer-term solutions?
  • Do you need a neutral ‘fresh eyes’ perspective and approach that’s not influenced by politics or ‘company culture’?
  • Do you need a strategic partner that helps you stay on top of it all?

Daniel Penn Associates (DPA) works closely with corporate, manufacturing, and higher education clients to recommend and help implement COVID-19 mitigation strategies that protect employees, students, customers, suppliers, and communities.

Our team includes lean continuous improvement, facility maintenance, occupational safety, and communications pros who have supported COVID-19 mitigation programs for colleges and universities, government agencies, corporate offices, and production sites.

We can assess your short and long-term readiness in areas of engineering, administration, sanitary practices, PPE, materials and procurement, cleaning, contact tracing, and reporting.

Need an outside review of your existing COVID-19 mitigation program? An evaluation or re-work of your plan? Onsite help in specific areas? DPA’s support can take many forms, all adhering to the latest federal, state, and local guidelines.

Just getting started?

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None of us can predict where this pandemic will take us as we close 2020 and move into the new year. But we can plan, anticipate, and manage our response in ways that protect our businesses, schools, and communities, slow the virus’ spread – and pave the way to a more prosperous future.

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