Hospital Maintenance Systems

Is your hospital’s maintenance organization in sync with your strategic ‘big picture’?

A comprehensive work order management system is key to getting the most from your maintenance organization and supporting an environment of care.

Hindsight is always 20-20. The ultimate nightmare? Dealing with equipment and systems maintenance ‘surprises’ after they’ve occurred…. or right before a visit from the Joint Commission.
Is your hospital’s maintenance organization in synch with your strategic ‘big picture’?
While dispatch systems are best suited for ‘fix it now’ service requests, what these systems often lack is the capability to support bona fide work order planning where the What, How and Who (aka Planning) is considered along with the When (Scheduling).

Are your hospital’s project managers and schedulers working to an overall plan that considers available skills, access, materials, and labor capacity? It’s simply not enough to pass this work to the shop supervisor and hope he/she gets it right. It’s also not fair to expect them go it alone. Failure is not an option when process reliability and patient safety are essential.

Only a work order management system that supports planning, scheduling and dispatch is best suited to support a viable environment of care.

For more than 32 years, Daniel Penn Associates LLC has been helping maintenance organizations in industry, service companies, healthcare and government seize control of their workload to make order out of reactive chaos.

As you strive to manage costs and ensure quality, a solid maintenance plan and work order management system can support your hospital’s budget and reputation. Give us a call at 860.232.8577, send me an email, or visit us at We can help you establish and instill the processes to keep maintenance on track.

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