Adapting Workflow to Boost Production

Daniel Penn - Case Study

Adapting Workflow to Boost Production and Save Energy

A global manufacturer of non-woven fiber composites and specialty papers wanted to evaluate how workflow improvements could increase production and save energy.

Working with the plant’s operational team, we determined that productivity could be increased by 25 percent if average process cycle time and non value add steps were each reduced by 20 percent.

Using Kaizen methodology, tools and techniques, we measured and identified opportunities to save time and eliminate waste in equipment layout and workflow. From these findings, we developed process improvements and made adjustments to the plant floor layout and operator work patterns. After simulating and refining the new plan, the team established new process standards for the facility.

As a result of these modifications, the plant is on track to manufacture 7,396 units this year compared to 5,917 units the previous year, meeting its 25 percent productivity increase goal. The lean process modifications will also save the facility 31,080 kilowatt-hours per year, or $69,066 in projected annual energy savings.

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