Re-engineering a Production Flow Cell

Daniel Penn - Case Study

Re-engineering a Production Flow Cell

A new 63,000 square foot medical engineering and manufacturing plant that produces complex metal stampings, automated mechanical and welded assemblies, surgical blades and scissors asked DPA to conduct a Kaizen event that would produce an efficient assembly layout for production of a key component.

The plan needed to take into account new equipment already being installed in the plant, while identifying additional equipment needs.

With a goal of increasing throughput from 25,000 to 50,000 pieces per week, DPA worked with the plant’s team to design a new production flow cell that would incorporate all operations, from raw material to the product’s final ship to customers.

As a result of the Kaizen event, the cell will be able to:

  • Reduce its work in process inventory by 233 percent
  • Reduce walking distance by plant staff by 402 percent
  • Reduce parts traffic distance by 151 percent
  • Reduce lead times by 300 percent
  • Increase throughput by 33 percent

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