Speeding the Quotation Process

Daniel Penn - Case Study

Speeding the Quotation Process and Strengthening the Order System

A contract manufacturer of finished assemblies, sub-assemblies and precision components for medical device, commercial and bearing markets sought to reduce its RFQ-to-manufacturing time and reduce customer complaints.

DPA worked with the company’s internal team to develop a high level SIPOC diagram that identified suppliers, inputs, processes, outputs and owners/customers at each stage.

Tracking information flow through the facility, DPA and the team then pinpointed areas of waste: duplication of effort, non-value added activities and inefficient use of time.

We recommended that the company implement:

  • An electronic quote file system with goals, specific procedures and training
  • Integration of the quote system with electronic customer files
  • Dataflex enhancements to the inventory system that would aggregate information and speed acknowledgements to vendors and customers

As a result, DPA helped the manufacturer refine its processes to:

  • Reduce lines of movement between ordering and manufacturing by 36 percent
  • Reduce time for moving quotes to customer service by 41 percent
  • Reduce quote cycle time by 25 percent
  • Reduce customer complaints by 33 percent

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