PRIME at 20: How it’s Helping Connecticut Manufacturers

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In 1994, Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) launched a new program called PRIME (Process Reengineering for Increased Manufacturing Efficiency).

Connecticut’s PRIME program was designed to offer qualifying Connecticut businesses training in lean manufacturing techniques that can streamline product flow, eliminate or reduce waste, improve production efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and reduce electrical energy consumption.

Kaizen Event

Employees of a Connecticut manufacturer map the business process during a PRIME Program Kaizen event.

As an Energize ConnecticutSM program, PRIME is administered through both CL&P and United Illuminating.

PRIME celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In 2013, PRIME’s outside consultants conducted 75 kaizen events with manufacturing companies around the state to make their facilities more efficient, resulting in a combined estimated annual savings of 1,077,804 kilowatt-hours.

As one of PRIME’s independent consulting firms, Daniel Penn Associates has conducted more than two-dozen energy audits and kaizen events to help Connecticut manufacturers work smarter and more efficiently.

A few examples:

  • For an aerospace manufacturer, a kaizen event we led to examine potential improvements for the company’s Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) program saved 10.48 hours (61%) per set-up, equating to an additional production of 1,560 parts per year and more than $2.5 million in projected new revenue. Projected lifetime energy savings: 356,591 kilowatt-hours.
  • For a medical device manufacturer, we helped to increase throughput from 2,200 to 3,000 assemblies (a 36% improvement), decrease material travel from 4,200 to 390 feet (a 90% reduction) and decrease work-in-progress risk by 43%. Projected lifetime energy savings: 124,979 kilowatt-hours.
  • For an advanced materials laminates company, production increased from 12,500 sheets per week to 19,700 sheets per week (a 57.6% increase), product yield increased to 96% for a projected $2 million in additional revenue. Projected lifetime energy savings: 341,589 kilowatt-hours.

PRIME achieves the greatest results when each company’s production team is actively engaged in finding better ways to operate and is recognized for their contributions. In every company, we work closely with operations directors and production managers and workers in the areas we’re focusing on for improvement. Their practical knowledge and observations are critical to help us re-think the company’s machinery set up and placement, production flow, work in progress, warehousing and delivery.

PRIME is succeeding in Connecticut, and we commend Energize Connecticut and its utility partners for their ongoing commitment to our state’s manufacturers.

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Antonio (Tony) Rodriguez, CMC, president of Daniel Penn Associates, LLC, is a certified management consultant with 35 years experience in encouraging collaboration and progressive thinking to bring about effective change and organizational transformation. With expertise in facilitation/team development, Lean Six Sigma, re-engineering and supply chain optimization, supplier diversity, strategic sourcing, asset management and productivity improvement, Rodriguez has successfully directed projects for large and medium size entities, both public and private, national and international.

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