Productivity Improvement

Companies with high productivity, or high output per unit of input, free up resources to win new customers and lead in their industry sectors.

To improve productivity, DPA’s holistic approach considers every aspect of an organization and its culture: all the processes, systems, and human factors that drive performance. We help you redesign work processes, determine roles and accountabilities, define work management practices and standards, and provide training.

Our goal is to help you transform how you approach business challenges and react to opportunities. We help spur new ways of thinking and help renew employees’ commitment to achieving success.

Using a disciplined, objective approach, we involve all levels of your organization in the change process. This promotes ownership of the solutions that are developed, and ensures that the evolved processes become an integral part of how work is done. Change becomes internalized, supporting ongoing productivity improvements.

  • Case Study: Workflow and Machine Improvements Increase Projected Revenues for Casting and Splicing Operation