Financial Services

Financial Services

As a financial services leader, you’re challenged to balance the support your people provide with technology to deliver on trust, service, and value with customers who expect instant access to and 24/7 support for their accounts.

Operational efficiency is a competitive advantage.

Does your financial service organization understand how your customers prefer to interact with you? Your mix of in-person and online activities? When and how each activity must be performed? How are you balancing high-tech solutions with still-essential high-touch customer support?

That’s where Daniel Penn Associates (DPA) comes in.

DPA will analyze your customer preferences and behaviors, workflow, activity volume profiles, and what it takes to get the work done for your front and back-office operations. We develop operational models that meet your needs and work methodology.

Our process includes:

  • Defining routine workload for each function
  • Developing a forecasting process for routine activities and key volume Indicators
  • Developing reasonable work standards for routine activities
  • Determining which functions can be streamlined / standardized though automation
  • Calculating the workload demand by hour to provide daily scheduling targets
  • Highlighting under/over-capacity variances between workload demand and staff resources
  • Developing strategies to minimize customer wait time and maximize productivity
  • Establishing Plan vs. Actual and Key Performance Indicator metrics
  • Developing strategies to ensure that target service levels are met
  • Training staff for customer support and sales7.

We work closely with your management team to promote ownership of the process and the outcomes.

Customized solutions for your financial service organization

After conducting an assessment, DPA will recommend customized solutions to meet your specific efficiency requirements. Contact us at, call (860) 232-8577 or complete the email form below.

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