Lean Management for the Public Sector

Our country’s economic well-being demands that all sectors, including government, transform how they serve the public.

After decades of success in the private sector, the Lean management system is now being applied at state, county, and municipal levels. Consider the operational gain your government agency can generate by

  • Improving the quality and efficiency of government services
  • Redeploying previously wasted capacity to your mission
  • Boosting employee morale

These results are achievable using Lean principles and techniques. While the potential is great, the transition is not simple. Administrators who are well qualified in traditional management techniques don’t suddenly become Lean managers.

Daniel Penn Associates consultants work closely with government entities to reduce costs and enhance service. From administrative functions to operational activities, we are familiar with government processes, regulations, and procedures. We deliver results to your agency in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Start your public-sector journey to Lean with these DPA programs:

  • Lean for Leaders: Briefing for your top management team
  • Assessment: Evaluation of your organization’s readiness for an optimal Lean initiative
  • Lean for Managers: Workshop on Lean tools and techniques to prepare administrators, managers, and supervisors for their role as sponsors of Lean events and in the transition to Lean management
  • Lean 101: Introduction to Lean for designated staff
  • Kaizens: Process improvement events using cross-functional teams of employees facilitated by DPA consultants
  • Lean Green Belt training program: Build a bench of practitioners prepared to apply a range of Lean tools, including facilitation of Kaizen projects.
  • Lean Networking and Mentorship programs: Reduce reliance on outside consultants by developing peer support systems among Lean practitioners and move your organization forward in a culture of continuous improvement.

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