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Is your hospital’s maintenance department in sync with your big picture?

Is your maintenance department last to receive the attention it deserves in your hospital?

Do project managers and schedulers develop plans that consider available skills, access, materials, and labor capacity? It’s not enough to pass this work to the shop supervisor and hope they get it right. It’s also not fair to expect them to go it alone. Failure is not an option when process reliability and patient safety are at stake.

Dispatch systems can work for ‘fix it now’ service requests. However, they don’t support bona fide work order planning where the what, how and who is considered along with the when. Only a management system that supports planning, scheduling and dispatch can support a viable environment of care.

Daniel Penn Associates helps maintenance organizations in healthcare seize control of their workload. As you strive to manage costs and ensure quality, a solid maintenance plan and work order management system can support your hospital’s budget and reputation. We’ll help you create order out of reactive chaos. We’ll establish and help instill the processes to keep critical maintenance work on track.

Let us solve your hospital’s maintenance improvement and asset management challenges.

“Through their implementation of a maintenance excellence program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and in close collaboration with its facilities staff, the DPA team paved the way to a zero-violation finding within the hospital’s facilities operations by the Joint Commission.”  –  William J. Tortoriello, Former Director of Facilities Operations, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

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