What’s holding you back from operational excellence?

The Path to Lean Transformation, Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence

What is lean and continuous improvement? Listening intently to employees’ ideas. Converting them into doable alternatives. Then helping everyone own the new process.

Daniel Penn Associates’ model gets to the root of your operational problem. How? We recommend solutions that maximize layout, boost efficiency, eliminate redundant steps, and smooth workflow. We make sure everyone is on board with the improvements through validation and training. As a result, we provide your company or organization with a foundation for ongoing continuous improvement.

What are the steps in our process?

Lean Transformation is a Cultural Change Graphic

Assess Process & Culture – We begin with a cultural and enterprise-wide scan of your operation. Then we identify your current lean maturity level, needs, and opportunities for change. We assess your operating practices and processes, systems, delivery performance, and costs. The assessment will help us develop strategies and recommend action plans, resources, and timelines that are tailored to your needs. It will also identify initial target projects that align with your goals.

Make the Changes – We help your teams carry out your lean and continuous improvement program. We help you implement new operating standards. We also support critical internal education and lean and continuous improvement training efforts that reinforce new ways of working. This process is holistic, hands-on, goal-oriented and never-ending.

Measure Results –  To track and report on your lean transformation’s benefits, we develop metrics for operational performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Sustain the Gains – Management understanding and commitment. Audits. Keeping an eye on the goal. Through ongoing evaluation and in consultation with management, lean tools, and training, we help managers and employees sustain the new continuous improvement culture.

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