Plan staffing to meet workload and capacity requirements

How do you anticipate, plan and manage the staffing required to meet your workload demands?

Does your company or organization use too much overtime? Are production goals and delivery deadlines being missed? Do you experience delays in process or facility improvements? How much work can you realistically accomplish based on your current structure?

What should your organizational structure look like based on your staffing needs and capacity goals? Human Resources MBA shares five ways to determine optimal staffing levels.

Daniel Penn Associates understands that staff modeling and capacity planning go hand in hand. We help healthcare, service and manufacturing organizations develop and implement custom staffing models that serve their current and future goals. Our teams analyze available work hours and work to time expectations. We examine the desired response time for your service level agreements. We look at the required skills and certifications to get the job done right, environmental factors, travel time, crew size and safety constraints.

Kaizer Multiplier Effect

Our staffing and capacity planning process

We support your organization’s staffing and capacity planning needs by

  • Defining routine workloads for each function
  • Developing a forecasting process for routine activities and key volume indicators
  • Developing work standards for routine activities to convert volumes into hours of work
  • Calculating the workload demand by the hour (or half-hour, as needed) to provide a daily scheduling target;
  • Highlighting under/over-capacity variances between workload demand and scheduled staff resources
  • Developing strategies to minimize customer wait time and maximize productivity
  • Establishing Plan vs. Actual and Key Performance Indicator metrics
  • Developing a matrix to compare the target with actual service levels

Our staffing experts work closely with your team to promote ownership of the process, offer recommendations and help you measure outcomes.

Success Stories

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