Manage your warehouse and supply chain operations

How you manage warehouse and supply chain operations affects every part of your organization.

Daniel Penn Associates can help your operation ensure a smooth flow of goods and services. We help you improve inventory management, ensure consistency and support customers’ needs. Our experts solve warehousing, supply chain and inventory challenges for consumer brands, publishers, producers of health and beauty aids, fashion accessories and apparel; home products, food manufacturers and distributors, higher education institutions and healthcare providers.

What are your supply chain and warehouse challenges?

Having trouble getting orders out? Are storage costs too high? Does the product get stuck in receiving or storage? Are products hard to find? Are suppliers not performing? Have you run out of space? Do multiple SKUs require searching for different locations? Do storage sizes match product profiles?

To compete globally and satisfy customers, your organization must reduce distribution costs while boosting supply chain effectiveness. This means choosing the best locations for supplier source points, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. To create a cost-effective network, this also involves helping supply chain partners streamline their own processes.

Our warehouse and supply chain experts analyze the variables associated with network optimization, materials and material flow, process redesign, supplier relations, procurement, warehousing, and inventory management.

Product flow diagram of a supply chain

Streamlining delivery systems

A high technology manufacturing facility in Mexico was not meeting customer delivery dates. Daniel Penn Associates assessed their warehousing and logistics operations.  As a result, we implemented improvements to satisfy customer delivery requirements.

The project addressed multiple issues: materials management, purchasing, receiving and receiving inspection, stock locating, inter-plant transfers, transportation, manpower loading, supplier integration, inventory replenishment, and reorganization.

To meet the client’s objectives, we implemented corrective actions including:

  • Redesigning the receiving and inspection process
  • Developing a staffing matrix for warehousing operations based on workload and performance standards
  • Consolidating three warehouse operations into one
  • Establishing transportation runs and frequency between plant and warehousing operations
  • Establishing materials and purchasing replenishment processes
  • Implementing accurate inventory transaction and tracking solutions
  • Redesigning the materials flow process between warehousing operations in the US and Mexico
  • Designing and implementing a warehousing management reporting system for tracking performance and conducting root causes analysis

How-To’s and Success Stories

How We Work

Daniel Penn Associates can tackle and solve your receiving, storage, layout, shipping and distribution issues. We get to the bottom of your door-to-storage, storage-to-picking, and picking-to-shipping woes.

Our process involves talking to employees who do the receiving, storing, picking and shipping. Examining how staff levels and picking tactics can support shipping requirements. Evaluating how space and cube storage systems affect warehouse layout. Learning how packing and shipping materials are used and disposed of. Evaluating equipment and product placement, process flow and congestion.

Based on our evaluation of your supply chain, warehousing and delivery systems end-to-end, we’ll recommend and help you implement improvements that support your vendors, employees, distributors, and customers.

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