Reducing Bank Costs

Reducing a Bank’s Costs With the Right Staffing Model

A 16-branch bank wanted to reduce operating costs while maintaining service levels (100% of customers served within 5 minutes). The bank engaged Daniel Penn Associates to apply its BranchEssentials staffing and scheduling system for tellers at each of their branches. In order to predict staffing requirements, the BranchEssentials model forecasts demand for types of services and spreads this service activity across the day based on customer arrival patterns, it predicts the number of teller hours required by hour by day for a standard week.

DPA’s BranchEssentials tool provided the bank with three functions essential to managing teller operations, controlling expenses and supporting customer relationships:

  • Proper staffing (to meet workload and expense control demands)
  • Proper scheduling (to meet customer service demands)
  • Proper reporting (to provide feedback about how well the branch is meeting its demands)