Government Successes

Government Success Stories

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
DPA supported the implementation of an enterprise wide Lean program designed to remove waste, streamline processes, improve customer service and reduce the cost of operations.

U.S. Army Medical Command
Daniel Penn Associates helped the US Army’s Walter Reed Army Institute of Research to develop performance work statements, quality assurance surveillance plans, personnel requirements and evaluation criteria for medical research acquisitions.

Metropolitan District Commission (Connecticut)
Daniel Penn Associates conducted PMI-certified project management training for senior engineers at the start of the District’s Clean Water Project, a 15-year, $2 billion project to replace and upgrade water and sewer facilities in an 8 town service area. The training covered all PMI topics, with special emphasis on work breakdown structures, critical path scheduling, budgeting and costing, resource management, risk assessment and mitigation and multiple project management.

Greater Hartford Transit District
The Greater Hartford Transit District serves the City of Hartford, CT and fifteen surrounding towns with land transportation and related transit support services. The District faced the loss of federal funds due to missed DBE goals. Daniel Penn Associates stepped in and helped them to analyze their spending by commodity, to identify active and potential DBE suppliers, to establish their DBE goals, to prepare federal filings, and to assist with their public hearing. The District had their goals accepted and federal funding was continued.

GSA/FSS Global Supply Alaska
The GSA’s Global Supply Alaska warehouse provides goods and materials to both military and civilian agencies of the federal government throughout the state of Alaska. DPA initially performed an Analysis Study that addressed the need to better utilize existing space, to improve business methods and processes, to handle more throughput with faster turn-around time, and to improve responsiveness to customer needs. Recommendations from that study included re-arranging storage locations and venue, adding and eliminating equipment, and improving the order fulfillment (picking) operation. After accepting the recommendations GSA asked us to re-design the layout, develop shelving and operating parameters for the warehouse, assist in the selection of suppliers, coordinate vendor work in physical changeover activities, and train the warehouse staff in new picking procedures and equipment.

U.S. House of Representatives
The Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives has begun an effort to improve business processes throughout their 700+ person organization, in order to reduce costs, to become more efficient and effective, and to serve their customers better. After they developed a Business Process Improvement (BPI) methodology, DPA was asked to review the BPI methodology, prepare BPI training programs, conduct train-the-trainer classes and select software to support on-going process management.

GSA/FTS SmartBUY Program
The U.S. General Services Administration, through their Office of IT Solutions, began an effort to reduce software costs by utilizing the combined purchasing power of all federal agencies. Termed ‘SmartBUY’, this program identifies, consolidates and negotiates better pricing for selected software commodity groups to achieve government-wide enterprise licenses at the lowest possible cost. DPA assisted this effort by performing the consolidation and analysis of spend data, by identifying and prioritizing the commodity groups and suppliers, by helping to develop the sourcing strategy, and by supporting the contract negotiation effort.

Alliant Lake City SCAC
Daniel Penn Associates was engaged to write Field Maintenance Procedures (FMPs) for this U.S. Army Small Caliber Ammunition Plant. The plant has both old and newer equipment, has equipment that was custom built for the plant, and has equipment with no available documentation. Working with the equipment operators and maintenance personnel, we were able to deliver a complete set of FMPs and parts lists.

Hartford Public Schools, City of Hartford, CT
DPA was asked to review and recommend improvements to the overall maintenance program at the 36 schools controlled by this school authority. Through management interviews, process mapping, procedures and PM protocol reviews, technology assessments, cost analysis, and maintenance frequency and effort analysis, DPA developed and recommended a comprehensive maintenance management, technology requirement and infrastructure improvement plan.