Facilities Maintenance

Daniel Penn - Case Study

Facilities Maintenance Re-engineering for a Multi-campus Hospital System

A hospital’s reputation is founded on not only its medical expertise but also its professional staff, systems, technologies and equipment. To optimize performance in the latter three areas, the facilities maintenance organization of a major metropolitan, multi-campus hospital has retained Daniel Penn Associates to analyze and help evolve its work processes, management tools, staff responsibilities and metrics.

DPA began process re-engineering work for the hospital’s two largest campuses. Priority one was to define new workflows, functions, roles and responsibilities that would better facilitate work order dispatch, planning and scheduling.

With the hospital’s maintenance team, DPA is integrating new features within its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that will better support these needs. A planner and scheduler function in the CMMS will help management proactively track maintenance work. By incorporating work coding and performance metrics in the system, the maintenance team can better clarify responsibilities and measure performance.

As part of this process, the hospital determined that it would need additional staff to manage CMMS functions; planner/scheduler job positions have been filled for the two largest campuses. Also, the hospital has nearly completed construction of a first dispatch, planning and scheduling ‘command center’ for one campus and is beginning the process to establish a second command center on another campus.

The new modifications to the CMMS will soon be rolled out to both campuses. With the full complement of tools in place, the project’s focus will turn to standardizing the revised procedures. DPA will help guide the organization and its new Senior Vice President in overseeing new roles and responsibilities, managing new performance metrics and reviewing accountability measures.

The anticipated benefits from this engagement are:

Immediate (within 3 months of roll out of modified CMMS and new procedures)

  • Work is triaged, prioritized, planned and supervised
  • Clients will receive feedback when submitting requests and
    when work is being/was done
  • Staff will consistently start and finish one project

Medium Term (within 9 months)

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased wrench time / more efficient utilization of
    work force / managed overtime
  • Improved response to internal projects and regulatory needs
  • Transition from reactive to proactive management style

Long-Term (within 2 years)

  • Reduction of contracted work
  • More efficient materials management
  • Better maintained Facilities

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