Lean in Healthcare

Why is adopting a lean improvement mindset critical to healthcare organizations?

Lean is not about cutting costs. It IS about eliminating wasteful activities that cost money, generate patient flow problems, create dissatisfied patients and damage an organization’s good reputation.

These include:

  • Unnecessary wait times (Movement, actions, delays in serving patients)
  • Overproduction (Tests, reports, entering information)
  • Errors (Slips-ups, wrong meds, care)
  • Non-value added processes (What’s key to doing it right the first time?)
  • Inventory (Too much, too little, wrong replenishment cycle)
  • Employees are not involved and don’t participate in change – or management turns a deaf ear on their input

Hospitals, clinics, outpatient and rehabilitation facilities that truly embrace lean:

  • Understand the patient’s mindset through every phase or her or his healthcare journey
  • Streamline layout, organization and administration in all departments
  • Maximize space
  • Reduce inventory by prioritizing the use of materials and equipment
  • Efficiently manage appointments, patient records and the discharge process
  • Track and prioritize the use of materials and equipment
  • Improve OR procedural times and turnover
  • Have responsive facility maintenance programs
  • Set the right measurement metrics
  • Make performance data available to all

Daniel Penn Associates delivers sustainable change to healthcare organizations. We will work with your management team to plan, initiate or fine-tune your organization’s lean healthcare program. Through training and orientation, we can help employees identify and address the root causes of problems and embrace the lean mindset essential to success.

Hospital Facility Maintenance Success Story

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