Utilities Success Stories

Central Vermont Public Service Corporation
DPA conducted an operational analysis and implemented a management system to improve the utilization of distribution crews and customer service operations for all 13 districts served by this electric utility. In a follow-on assignment, we developed a program in the customer and commercial services division to determine required staffing levels. The utility continues to use these programs today.

Metropolitan District Commission – CT
Daniel Penn Associates was tasked to perform a high-level review of the procurement and payable processes of this multi-town water and sewer agency. These processes are driven by the daily acquisition of parts by the field workforce. We identified opportunities for streamlining these processes and improving operational control without negatively affecting the field workforce’s responsiveness to serving the customer.

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority
Following an analysis of distribution operations, DPA developed and implemented a management control program to improve operating efficiency and reduce costs. This program addressed the handling of customer service requests through both the customer call center and dispatch operations.