What is Your Company’s Optimum Material Flow System?

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The future of manufacturing belongs to mixed model manufacturing, and an essential aspect of this strategy is the optimization of material delivery and material flow. Kanban, one of the methods of choice, includes many different techniques, each appropriate for specific conditions.

What is your company’s optimum material flow system?My colleagues Richard Rahn and Gerard Leone of Leonardo Group Americas have helped hundreds of manufacturing engineers, managers, supervisors and material and supply-chain pros re-imagine and re-tool their material delivery system.

In their new March 17-19 workshop Developing Your Lean Team: Designing the Optimum Material Flow System, they’ll share methods that can help you analyze, plan and implement a more effective value-stream design on your production floor. Toyota’s advanced manufacturing facility in Columbus, Indiana will be the hands-on laboratory for this three-day workshop.

You’ll learn the best practices for materials management in use at Toyota and around the world. You’ll apply what you learn to create your own simulated line design. You’ll design a family of products, culminating in a team-based line layout and validation with computer simulation. And you’ll have a chance to see the materials delivery system in action on two plant tours.

I’ve experienced Richard and Gerard’s approach firsthand. It’s simple, repeatable and effective. Whether you need the foundations of effective material delivery system or you are simply seeking a “tuneup”, you’ll get the latest and best methods here! We’re proud to be a sponsor of this workshop.



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