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Daniel Penn Associates engages your people, processes and systems.


Nurture a culture and mindset of continuous improvement. We work with teams to streamline operations, reduce waste, boost productivity and enhance customer service.
Ensure your organization’s success by embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into your operational policies, practices and culture.
Improve reliability centered maintenance and overall equipment effectiveness. We’ll customize your PM and OEE program with processes and systems to mitigate costly breakdowns and maximize uptime.
Solve receiving, storage, layout, shipping and distribution snafus. We recommend and help your company make end-to-end improvements that remove process roadblocks and meet customer requirements.
Take a fresh look at your facility’s compliance roadmap. Measure six crucial aspects of your process definitions and controls. Our assessment tool will help you address deficiencies, improve cGMP and GMP practices and pass your next inspection.
Don’t just talk about lean. Learn how to sustain it at all levels. From onsite leadership training and Yellow, Green and Black Belt certification programs to online courses, we provide a foundation for your organization’s lean continuous improvement activities.
Anticipate and plan the labor required to meet workload demands. We develop staffing models that support growth, accommodate contingencies and respect budgets.

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