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How to immunize your supply chain from global crises

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to affect every part of society. While governments are rushing to contain its spread during this global crisis, manufacturers must satisfy customer demand while ensuring health, quality, and safety.

Lean Practices for Government Organizations

Government entities that truly apply lean thinking to their operations and processes can realize significant and sustainable benefits.

Understanding Preventive & Predictive Maintenance in 2020

If you ask ten people what their definition of Preventive Maintenance is, you will get ten different answers. The tasks range from very simple to fairly complex. What’s more, the manner in which they are performed and the depths to which they are carried out vary considerably.

Applying Soccer Discipline to Your Company’s Lean Daily Management

In a world of rapidly changing customer demands, your organization’s lean daily management activities and the game of soccer have much in common.

Dreading the Next FDA inspection?

If you’re responsible for pharma manufacturing operations – examine these six factors in your pharmaceutical facility’s process definition and controls.

Baseball and Operational Excellence

“Baseball is a simple game. You throw the ball. You catch the ball. You field the ball.” – Durham Bulls coach Larry Hockett, from the movie Bull Durham.

Banking’s Tech v. Touch Challenge (and what to do about it)

Technology should be deployed wherever it can create efficiencies and assist in the customer experience.

An Operational Nod to Anthony Bourdain

Sometimes operational lessons get reinforced by unexpected players. This one begins with a story surrounding the late great Anthony Bourdain.

Operational Excellence and Energy Efficiency for Manufacturers

Daniel Penn Associates helps manufacturers implement Lean techniques that result in significant energy savings by reducing cost per unit produced.

What’s Missing in Your Maintenance Organization?

Regardless of the industry, you’re in, effective planning and scheduling can have a profound impact on your maintenance organization‘s productivity.

Facilities Maintenance for Public Housing is More Than Just Maintaining Buildings

Facilities maintenance organizations must create and actively manage a comprehensive plan to reduce unnecessary costs and maintain quality.

Lean’s Two Key Ingredients

The rising cost of doing business is challenging us all to find ways to work more efficiently. Lean programs usually begin with good intentions…

How to get OCM Right: Questions and Steps to Lasting Change

Is your business contemplating operational change? Most organizational change programs fail is they don’t take thoughts and emotions into account.

What’s Your Maintenance Strategy?

Maintenance strategy doesn’t enter our non-technical brains unless it directly affects our productivity and well-being. The 5 basic maintenance strategies.

How to Boost Manufacturing Productivity

Organizations that apply lean thinking to their operations and processes can realize significant and sustainable productivity benefits.

Best Practices in Preventive Maintenance: How One Company Did It

A pharmaceutical plant I worked with excelled with their preventive maintenance program. What were the key drivers of their success?

Key Steps to Workflow Improvement in Maintenance

There are two things are essential to product quality and customer satisfaction: employees’ work and your equipment’s performance.

Are Cobots Part of Your Plant’s Future?

Will robotic automation be part of your company’s transformation? If your assembly operations are light, cobots should be part of its future.

What is Lean and Continuous Improvement?

It is listening intently to employees’ ideas. Converting them into doable alternatives. Then, helping everyone own the new process and move as a team.

Do’s and Don’ts for Making Process Improvements that Stick

What’s holding your maintenance organization back from making process improvements? The dos and don’ts for organizations that want to implement change.

Single Part or Multiple Part Operations

The optimal manufacturing setup for each product line drives the case for single part operations versus multiple parts or gang operations.

How to Make Your Plant Reliable

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is the most cost-effective method your plant can use to develop an appropriate maintenance strategy with takt time.

The ‘Quick & Dirty’ About OEE

Much has been written about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) but it is too useful not to revisit some of the key points.

What’s Your Maintenance Strategy?

What’s Your Maintenance Strategy? Maintenance strategy doesn’t enter our non-technical brains unless it directly affects our productivity and well-being.

How to Set Up a Lean Factory That Works

Lean manufacturers have a leg up on speeding products to market, reducing costs and keeping customers happy. In this overview, I’ll share how to engineer, set up and manage the project for a lean factory that works for your specific requirements.

How to Support a Proactive Culture in Your Facilities Maintenance Department

Facilities maintenance (FM) is often treated as a weak sister by healthcare facility management and doesn’t always get the respect or funding it deserves. Is your FM department properly configured to deliver its full value to your facility’s environment of care and its bottom line?

Distance + Prioritization + Pick Venue = Location

By optimizing your pick area for shipping operations you can reduce costs, speed products to market and increase customer satisfaction.

How much is ineffective maintenance costing hospitals?

Every dollar a hospital’s maintenance organization spends on unnecessary labor, equipment or processes erodes their service, reputation, and bottom line.

How to Balance Your Preventive Maintenance Workload

Are you tired of that month, quarter or year-end crunch to get your preventive maintenance (PM) work done? Minimize the chance of this happening again.

The Chocolate Elephant

How do you eat a chocolate elephant? Well, the answer is easy and well-known – one bite at a time. The same is true when nibbling away at reducing lead time.

From hype to adoption: Is your maintenance program ready for the IIoT?

Maintenance Programs – what are the potential benefits of using the IIoT for your maintenance operation?

Out of Space? Maybe Not!

Are pallet racks full? Do flow racks appear to be fully utilized? Do aisles contain products awaiting put away or customer orders awaiting pick up?

Six Steps to Design a Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive maintenance may seem a no-brainer, but if you make assumptions and cut corners, your results won’t match the effort. Follow these six steps and you’ll create an effective, efficient and sustainable preventive maintenance program for your facility.

Value Stream Mapping

Lessons from the Front – How can we make creating a value stream map, VSP, less burdensome and more relevant?

How to Set Up a Lean Factory That Works – Part 2

How Can a Lean Factory Tollgate Process Work? Here is a sample tollgate path for re-working your facility’s layout – or setting it up from scratch.

Why Preventive Maintenance Fails (and how to fix it)

Why preventive maintenance fails. If developing a preventive-maintenance program is such no brainer, why doesn’t every company have one in place?

12 Tips to Sustain Improvement in Lean Equipment Maintenance Programs

For companies that truly want to maximize their equipment uptime, productivity, and quality, a disciplined approach is critical.

Accountability Is A System

Accountability and reliability go hand in hand. Both rely on effective work management. Accountability is no more a one-person job than is quality.