Reducing Production Time

Reducing Production Time

DPA helps electronics manufacturer reduce production time for a micro-component

Re-engineering a Production Flow Cell

A company that manufactures magnetic and electro-mechanical devices needed to reduce production time for a miniature solenoid. Batch assembly, excessive walking, inefficient searching for parts and long set up times impaired their efforts.

The challenge: Reduce set up and cycle time by minimizing process waste and motion.

DPA facilitator Tom Voss and the cell’s four-member team “5S’d” the cell, then re-configured its layout so that both the cell and workstations were dedicated to a single part, eliminating set-up.

Lower tables, cord holders, new magnifier lights, dedicated gauge blocks, work-in-progress parts bins, and a label dispenser improved worker efficiency and ergonomics. A catch basin for cut leads and a solder pot vent were installed to improve safety. The test procedures for finished parts were streamlined.

As a result of the team’s work, the solenoid production cell

  • Reduced its setup time to zero.
  • Cut its assembly production cycle time by 68 percent (reduced assembly from 280 seconds per piece to 90 seconds)
  • Reduced the cell’s footprint by 80 percent
  • Reduced employees’ travel distance by 33 percent

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