State of Remote Work 2020: How will it evolve? And how can we prepare?

State of Remote Work 2020: How will it evolve? And how can we prepare?

The coronavirus pandemic has up-ended work and life as we’ve known it. For many, remote work will be here to stay. As we figure out new ways to do our jobs from a distance, critical processes and practices are likely to change, some dramatically.

Daniel Penn Associates’ online learning partner MindEdge recently joined with Skye Learning to discover how Americans who have been working from home (by choice or not) during the COVID-19 pandemic are faring.

They commissioned a national survey to understand the trends and challenges around working from home, with an eye on what the pandemic has changed – and how we’ll need to prepare for the future.

State of Remote Work 2020: The Age of the Pandemic provides critical insights around work-life balance and remote working practices.

Download the survey here.

Among the key findings:

  • Providing and scheduling in-person training in the workplace will be harder. Only 35% of those surveyed expect to return to the office on a full-time basis and 36% of managers think they’ll be remote full-time post-pandemic.
  • Those hiring managers stepped into an environment with no formal work-from-home practices. More than 80% of those surveyed said their employer didn’t have a remote-work program before the pandemic.
  • And while hiring slowed for the majority of managers, they’re looking toward skill-building as part of a candidate’s value. Close to three-quarters ( 72%) of managers said certifications on a candidate’s resume held a great deal or fair amount of value.

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